Types of Industrial Doors The industrial doors are more durable as the security is the major criteria involved in the dorion doors. When you are choosing the security doors it is important to consider some factors like they must have the electronic locking mechanism, with the passwords installed in the system. There are multiple key points in the system so that you can set both the automatic and the manual locking system. They can be made customizable as the doors are resistant for the fire and other natural disasters. The tornado doors are manufactured with the high durability especially in the hurricane prone areas. The insurance premium will also be minimized by installing this feature. For the security purpose you can install the alarm systems and the motion sensors for the multi level security services. The industrial doors are made up of steel and wood where the wooden doors are difficult to maintain so many people adapt for the steel doors also for the security purpose. The acoustic feature is installed to filter the amount of the noise from entering into the rooms. The industrial doors can be obtained at the cheaper rates, for both the single panel and the double paneled. You can select the doors from the online shopping website, read the reviews and the feedback written by the previous customers and then quote the price online using the shopping cart. Some of the companies will fix the security cameras in the doors to ensure for more safety.